Daureen Parenti Event Planner

Professional event designer and artist Daureen Parenti will meet with you and get a full understanding of what you have in mind for your special event. If you do not have a concept in mind, not to worry, Daureen has twelve years of experience creating memorable events that come off without a hitch.

"Think outside the box? Yes, I can do that. But what if inside the box is the perfect place to be? Or what if that box is really a sphere? And isn't it sometimes important to be inside and outside that box at the same time? And it's always important to know exactly which box to reference. Thinking outside the box is the easy part!"  Daureen Parenti

Daureen earned a Bachelor's of Art from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. She also studied at Truman Colleges in Chicago, and is currently enrolled in the Board of Governor's program at Northeastern Illinois University.

With a strong art background, an eye for detail and a dedication to perfection, Daureen creates beautiful surroundings. Daureen will enhance the ambiance of your event space with her unique and elegant style. Your special day will receive all the careful attention it deserves when you choose The Designerie.

Please feel free to contact Daureen Parenti to discuss your next event.

Phone: 773-505-2069  Email:Designereen@yahoo.com